Remote Services (CaaS)

Most organizations, regardless of scale and industry require expert input at some point during their evolution. However, the way in which businesses source and work with consultants has changed dramatically in recent years, shifting towards a Remote Services or Consultancy as a Service (CaaS) model. At its core, CaaS operates on a flexible consumption model (FCM), enabling organizations to acquire specialist business guidance within a set budget and scope. 

How the CaaS model works

CaaS service providers typically work within specific domains of expertise, e.g. risk management, compliance, healthcare clinical delivery, marketing and sales, or supply-chain management. An organization may elect to work with a CaaS provider on a one-off project engagement, on a recurring monthly basis, or initially on a one-off basis but shifting to ongoing once a business case has been established. Once engaged, a set budget and scope of work is agreed. CaaS providers will then work closely with your in-house teams and key staff, acting as an extension of your own resources. 

A Customer-Centric Model

According to Deloitte, service offerings such as CaaS are intrinsically more customer-centric, rather than product-centric. But why would this be, and why is this positive? Firstly, CaaS consultants typically work with clients on a recurring basis. This means CaaS providers, rather than selling a product and walking away, become more embedded in the daily business of their customers, thereby helping them succeed. CaaS service providers offer constant customer engagement as they need to understand the evolving strategic and operational requirements of the business.

Financial flexibility and risk reduction

In recent years, there have been other shifts in how businesses seek to purchase services and products. Many organisations consume a wide range of external services, both technological (e.g. cloud-based IT platforms) and business expertise (e.g. human resources and accounting) and paying through operational rather than capital expenditure. Also, business consumers are showing a preference for purchasing complete best of breed solutions as opposed to individual products. 

ArrowLink is consultancy as a service (CaaS) provider. Our clients get the advice and support they need, when they need it, from committed Compliance professionals – delivered virtually. CaaS engagements can be used to provide remote consulting services on regulatory projects or virtual employee in short or long term assignments.