Simple, transparent pricing that let you focus on your application and forget complex princing plans and confusing bills that hold you from expanding your business. Boost your application with optional dedicated AI/ML server instances that will fit your budget and let your application grow.

$20 (per concurrent user license)
Free access for application owner

Unlimited Predictions
Shared AI Instances

10mio DB-Recs
up to 2mio Training-Recs

$100 (per AI Instance)
Optional Service

AI Instance On Dedicated Server
Min: 4 Physical Cores. 32 GB RAM
Unlimited Number of Instances
Instance Attached to Owner Or Application

Monthly prices per concurrent user for applications running on dedicated DB and shared or dedicated AI/ML server instances. Application owners are not considered as concurrent users (free users) and do not reduce the number of available licenses. Prices exclude sales tax (where applicable). All concurrent users and AI Instances are defined at the user level (owner) and shared among owned applications.
More Info.. Billing of services (invoicing) occurs on the 1st calendar day of each month and will charge all active concurrent users and dedicated AI Instances for the month to the account. Customer accounts should always have sufficient funds for monthly charges. Accounts can be recharged at any time using Paypal. New concurrent users or AI Instances will be charged immediately for the current month and charged monthly after first payment. Concurrent users and/or AI Instances may be added or removed from the owner account at any time. No amounts are reimbursed for concurrent users or AI Instances removed in the middle of a month. Allow 24 hours for the installation and configuration of dedicated AI Instance.

General Pricing FAQs

  • The application owner is always a free user for the application?
    Yes. The application owner, when using the application will not be considered as a concurrent user and will not reduce the number of available licenses.
  • What is the difference between Named User and Concurrent User Licensing?
    NAMED user is any person who may use the application at any time. If you have 100 people in your organization and they all need access to the software – even though not at the same time – then you need 100 named users. CONCURRENT users only count the total number of users who are CONNECTED at the same time. So if your organization has 100 people who need the software but not all at the same time, you may only license 60 concurrent users. 
  • Can I combine concurrent users for multiple applications?
    Yes. Concurrent users (licenses) are defined for the application owner and shared among applications. E.g. if you own 3 applications and you have purchased 10 concurrent users(licenses), users of all 3 applications will share the 10 concurrent users purchased.
  • What happens when I reach the maximum number of concurrent users (licenses)?
    You can purchase additional concurrent users (licenses) that will be added to your account.
  • Should each user be registered as Named user before using my application?
    Yes. Every user must be first registered as an ArrowMiner user.
  • Can a user open multiple simultaneous ArrowMiner sessions?
    No. A user can open only one ArrowMiner session. He can switch applications from within the session.
  • What is the definition of monthly license?
    The license (concurrent user or dedicated AI Instance) whenever purchased within the month, will expire at the end of month.
  • Can I add or remove concurrent users (licenses) at any time?
    Yes. There is no limit to the number of concurrent users (licenses) you can add or remover at any time.
  • What are the advantages of getting dedicated AI/ML server instances?
    You boost prediction performance especially with multiple simultaneous users.
  • Can I have multiple applications?
    Yes you can. 
  • Can I have dedicated AI Instances shared by multiple applications?
    Yes you can. A dedicated AI/ML Instance is shared by multiple applications.
  • Is my data secure?
    Protecting our customer data is our first priority. ArrowMinerl infrastructure is hosted and managed within IBM’s secure data centers, and is constantly undergoing annual security audits and assessments. All user passwords are hashed with a PBKDF2-based robust hashing algorithm and individual salts per password. We take our customers security very seriously. All communication between ArrowMiner servers and the client browser is secured using the industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS).
  • What is the definition of the DB-Records?
    This is the total number records kept in your application database. This number of records represents approx. 5-10 years of corporate memory and documented decisions.
  • What is the definition of the Decision-Records?
    This is the number of records that will be used as training records and produce predictions. These may be either the last records entered into the application database or randomly selected from the total of the application DB records.
  • Are there any hidden costs that should cover machine learning servers?
    No. There are no hidden costs. The monthly costs cover all cloud infrastructure required for running your application (machine learning servers included).
  • What happens when I reach the maximum number of DB Records?
    Oldest records will be deleted and replaced by new records.