Decide & Predict

Decide & PredictManage & DocumentAnalyze Risk & Decisions

Encapsulate risk policy rules, preserve corporate memory and predict decisions.

Manage the decision repository, automate daily tasks and document decisions. Analyze risk and produce stats on decisions through pivot charts & tables and statistical reports.

encapsulate risk policy rues

Risk assessment is fundamental to a comprehensive risk management program and key risk indicators (KRIs) should be an integral part of your risk framework helping organizations to monitor risks, take early action and prevent or mitigate crises.

ArrowMiner© will help you encapsulate KRIs in your decision making process through:

  • Risk Rating of Decision Attributes
  • Weighting of Attributes on Decision

Apply the Key Risk Indicators directly on your decision making process with simple rules and a simplified interface accessible to all user levels.

Define the decision criteria for every application, apply the risk rating and the weight of each criteria on your decision exactly as defined by your organization’s risk assessment.

How easily do you integrate and analyze today your organization’s exposure to the Reputational, Regulatory, Sanctions or Anti Money  Laundering Risks in your daily decisions?

no need for data scientist skills. go now!

  • Integrate sound AI to your decision making.
  • Align your decision making to your risk assessment.
  • Control decisions that may jeopardize your organizations
  • Instantly discover and stop outlier decisions.
  • Analyze risks that cannot be handled by operational data.
simplified case management & decision control

Decisions may require multiple inside or outside assessments that should be part of the decision documentation. ArrowMiner© will allow you to simplify case management, track the decision history and produce stats on decisions status.

  • Simplified case management.
  • Define risk levels and outliers
  • Analytics on decision status
  • Control outlier decisions 
  • Log of status on all decisions
  • Data filters on decision status
business applications templates

You do not need to configure your application from scratch. Get one of the canned business application templates, adapt it to your risk policy and go! 

  • Health Care
  • Law & Tribunal
  • AML False Positives
  • Know Your Customer
  • Know Your Employee
  • Loan Evaluation
  • Sanctions & Embargoes
  • Trade Operations
  • Procurement Operations