Beyond the mere language of the statutes and regulations. A set of services that will allow your organization to restructure your Regulatory policy and comply with the latest regulators requirements.

Sanctions & Embargoes Financial Crime AML/KYC/PEP

Professional structured services aiming to provide a flexible range of tools specific to your Sanctions & Embargoes operations.

A comprehensive approach of the Financial Crime operations comprised by individual modules for the Regulatory professionals. 

Measurement of Regulatory Risk
The measurement of the compliance risk has always been a tedious task for multiple organizations. Some abstract notions like personal decision and compliance risk appreciation, have always been some unmanaged indicators, that have not been scaled and integrated into the business processes. Nevertheless, recent advanced techniques and technological solutions, allow the precise rating of compliance risk, for each organization and integration into a global business framework.
Regulatory Risk Based Approach
Assessing the factors used to rate the regulatory risk of a business activity, has always been confusing because of lack of unanimity in adopting a common measure standard. Risk Based Approach is there to simplify processes and procedures and establish a common mindset that will help index dissociated values to a common scale. The result is a ‘common’ risk language between all business stakeholders, that will eliminate any misinterpretation or doubt.
AML Obvious False Positives
The cost of investigating false positives, is an endless combat against spending on better technology, making compliance departments impossible to keep up with budgets. Searching only for more effective algorithms is ignoring the most valuable and unpredictable factor: personal decision. Whatever the algorithms and quality of data may be, OFPs face the inherent issues of computing: obvious false positive (system says you have but you actually don’t have) and false negative (system says you don’t have it but you actually have). Have you ever considered optimizing the personal decision?.
Regulatory Investigation
The same regulatory case may take several minutes for one compliance officer and several days for another compliance officer, of the same team. The difference lies in the fact that regulatory investigations, remain an unstructured activity, without a clear methodology and mainly based on the personal experience and aptitude. Without underestimating the personal decision capabilities, there is an urgent need to structure the regulatory investigation activity and effectively classify and predict the personal decision.
Control & Sustainability
The organizations fined by OFAC, failed to keep up with the processes and commitments they had previously approved, making the lack of internal controls the weakest link of regulatory programs. Most of the fined organizations realized the ‘hard way’ that should enforce sustainability in order to keep regulatory alert levels high. In multiple cases, OFAC, has ordered one or more years of review of internal processes in order to ensure that previous failures are not reproduced.