A successful business makes good decisions, implements them well and then learns from the experience and abstractions in order to do better next time. These abstractions are then re-usable for making new decisions with different information, facilitating the process of knowledge management and ultimately enhancing the overall quality of decision making.

Decide & PredictManage & DocumentAnalyze Risk & Decisions

Encapsulate risk policy rules, preserve corporate memory and predict decisions.

Manage the decision repository, automate daily tasks and document decisions. Analyze risk and produce stats on decisions through pivot charts & tables and statistical reports.

Risk-Based Decision Support
Advanced AI Functions

A no-code decision support modeling for all business applications. With ArrowMiner©, organizations will be able to redefine the decision space, document how decisions are taken and apply risk criteria and prediction functions that will ensure that repetitive decisions are aligned to the organization’s risk policy and corporate memory.


Organizations must be confident that business decisions do not breach the risk policy and that previously taken decisions will forge and improve decision making. ArrowMiner© advanced Machine Learning engine operates on ultimate human decision providing optimized decision predictions.

Flexible Cloud Deployment Options
Simplicity & Ease Of Use

ArrowMiner© is available on Cloud and in a Cloud Fremium version for a quick simulation and start of a new application without any integration requirements. Pre-configured decision profiles, based on business and activity best practices can be immediately used for development, test or production.


The ArrowMiner© interface will enable you to quickly author, analyze, develop and test decision models with security-rich rules aligned to your risk policy. Upgrade your decision making process and view instantly the risk exposure of your organization.

Role-Based Permission Management
Analytics & Documentation

ArrowMiner© enables virtually anyone to participate in deploying, managing and using decision rules. Roles and permissions can be defined so that users work on tasks they are authorized to complete. This adds agility to your business to help you capture new opportunities.


Analyze business decisions interactively in an unprecedented way. With ArrowMiner© you will be able to know why and how a decision is taken and prevent ‘guts-only’ decisions that may jeopardize your organization.