Risk Based Decision Support

ArrowMiner©   Risk Based Decision Support

A no-code decision support software for all business and non-business applications that will redefine the decision space, document decisions and apply risk criteria and prediction functions ensuring that repetitive decisions are  aligned to the organization’s risk policy.

Benefits ⇒

Return On Investment
Control Decisions  
Control Risk


Stop wasting millions in bad decisions! ArrowMiner© Risk based decision support will prevent unpredictable consequences for your organization. 

Bad decisions may be very costly. In the Financial Sector, in a single decision center, the costs may reach 1 million USD per month. Reputational and regulatory risk damage may result much higher costs and be fatal to your organization.


Intervene directly on ultimate decision and focus on decision quality for human appreciation and risks taken without complex configurations on decision-modeling structures and lifecycle.

ArrowMiner© operates just before the human decides for an alternative and aligns strictly to your risk policy, applying human decision criteria that will not require integrations with legacy systems.


Manage risks proactively and prevent guts-only decisions that may jeopardize your organization. Restrict decisions and limit risks with multiple checks like weighted risk or unusual decisions.

ArrowMiner© will help you control the risk just before the decision is taken. Apply global rules to a specific application and detect unusual risks taken.

Document & Analyze
Optimize Efficiency
Corporate Memory

Focus on the quality and see why and  how a decision is taken with multiple documentation functions and advanced interactive analytics for an immediate view on your risk exposure.

“If you do not document it, it does not exist”. This is mainly true for business decisions. ArrowMiner© will allow you to document each decision with multiple tools. This comes very handy when reviewing and learning from previous decisions and preserving the “corporate memory”.


Optimize your decisional performance by selecting and configuring the most appropriate AI prediction function for your operation.

ArrowMiner© efficiency is measured by the prediction accuracy, based on the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning modules and the possibilities to adapt decision predictions to your organization paradigm.

Place the latest technological achievements at the heart of your organization.


Implement your organization risk culture and document decisions taken at all levels.

Predict decisions and decision outcomes and check important deviations.

Require approvals for risky decisions and preserve corporate memory.

Preserve what made your organization successful and prevent ‘guts-only’ decisions that may put your organization in peril.

Answered ⇒

Decision Criteria
Decision Risk Level
Case Severity


What are the decision criteria (attributes) that forced the decision? 

When taking a decision, humans will first classify the visible phenomenon by severity using criteria or decision attributes.  Humans need to know the risk taken with every decision applying a risk value and weight to each decision attribute.


What is the risk taken for the organization by this decision?

All decision attributes do not contribute equally to a decision. Risk-based approach requires the precise definition of the risk weight of each criteria/attribute on the final decision. Risk rating and weighting should be measurable and should reflect the organization’s risk culture.


What was the case severity level and was it processed by the appropriate  seniority level?

All decisions cannot be handled by all seniority levels. The severity level  prediction of new cases saves valuable working hours and defines the case priority.
Decision Prediction
Outcome Prediction
Decision Documentation

Was there any suggested decision in-line with the organization experience and corporate memory?


What is the predicted outcome prediction for this decision?


What is the quality of the decision documentation?

We like to think that we are logical and that when we are making a decision, we carefully weigh all of our alternatives, apply a  risk-based approach and consider our previous experience on similar cases. Even the big decisions where we think we are being logical, the research shows that are made unconsciously, involve emotion, personal risk appreciation and experience. Most daily decisions are not made ‘logically’ and place organizations in danger! Control every decision taken and prevent unpredictable consequences for your organization.. with ArrowMiner©

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