Risk Based Decision Support

ArrowMiner©   Risk Based Decision Support

Do you want to take your organization to the next level? Then you need ArrowMiner© – the revolutionary software that makes decision-making a breeze! Rule out gut feelings and make informed, data-driven decisions that drive success. With ArrowMiner©, you’re always in control, and unpredictable consequences become a thing of the past. Analyze data, weigh alternatives, and apply a risk-based approach to every decision, ensuring you always make the right call. Take the leap with ArrowMiner© and watch your organization soar to new heights!

Risk-Based Decision Support
Preserve Corporate Memory

An ultimate no-code framework for businesses and beyond! Redefine the decision space, document and control how decisions are made and apply risk criteria and prediction functions to ensure alignment with your organization’s policies. With Global Weighted Risk, you’ll see the impact of every decision in an instant. Supervise repetitive decisions, control risk at the décision level and make informed, risk-aligned choices with ArrowMiner©.


Preserve your corporate memory and use what made you successful. ArrowMiner©  analyzes past decisions to provide optimized predictions, ensuring you always stay within your risk policy. With ArrowMiner©, you can trust that your experience and accumulated wisdom will forge and improve your future decisions and ensure continuity, so why settle for anything less?

Act Directly On Human Decision


Manage Your Decision Centers

Take your organization to the next level! ArrowMiner© will help you get back to the fundamentals of decision-making, leveraging your past experiences and corporate value to drive success. Avoid biases, assumptions, and prejudices, and say hello to informed, data-driven decisions based on risk perception, decision severity, and outcome efficiency. With ArrowMiner©, you have a unique tool to build the future of your company with confidence.


Don’t let rogue decision-makers and sub-culture islands put your organization in peril. With ArrowMiner©, you will control risk at the human decision level and ensure your future success. Our powerful software advises decision-makers, blocks risky decisions, and provides predictions based on desired outcomes. Reduce bad decisions and pave the road to a brighter future with ArrowMiner©!

ArrowMiner© Immediate Benefits For Your Organization
Transform your organization with ArrowMiner© – the ultimate decision-making tool. Avoid bad decisions and wasted resources, and gain a competitive advantage that will set you apart from the rest. Our risk-based approach ensures that every decision is based on solid analysis, minimizing the chance of unpredictable consequences. Don’t let bad decisions cost you millions – invest in ArrowMiner© and secure your organization’s future today!

Return On Investment
Control Decisions

Our cutting-edge software prevents unpredictable consequences for your organization and saves you millions. Don’t risk reputational and regulatory damage that could be fatal to your organization. Invest in ArrowMiner© today and take control of your destiny! So why waste time on decision modeling structures and lifecycle? Invest in ArrowMiner© and make every decision count!


ArrowMiner© operates seamlessly with your existing systems, eliminating the need for complex configurations or integrations. With ArrowMiner©, you can act quickly and with confidence, knowing that every decision is in line with your risk policy and aligned with human decision criteria.

Control Risk
Document & Analyze

Don’t leave your organization’s fate up to chance. Protect against costly mistakes with ArrowMiner©. Our innovative software helps you control risk by implementing your organization’s risk policy and applying global rules to specific applications. With multiple thresholds like maximum weighted risk and unusual decision detection, you’ll always be in control. Say goodbye to guts-only decisions and hello to informed, data-driven choices with ArrowMiner©.


Make every decision count with ArrowMiner©! Our advanced software offers a range of powerful tools and analytics that help you make informed decisions and manage risk like never before. With ArrowMiner©, you can document every decision and see why and how it was taken, giving you a clear view of your risk exposure. Don’t leave anything to chance – invest in ArrowMiner© today and take control of your future!

ArrowMiner© AI Basics For The Enterprise
Transform your organization into a true AI company with ArrowMiner© – the AI decision framework that takes you to the next level. Don’t settle for a website and a little machine learning – leverage the full power of AI to drive success. ArrowMiner© helps you make data-driven decisions that propel your business forward. So why wait? Join the ranks of top-tier AI companies with ArrowMiner© today.

AI-Enabled Company
Digitization vs AI

Get ahead of the curve with AI and transform your organization structure! The rise of new types of companies is just around the corner, and you need to be prepared. Don’t just operate a website, architect your entire company to leverage the power of the Internet and AI. Building a website doesn’t make you an Internet company, and sprinkling on a little machine learning doesn’t make you an AI company.


Unlock the full potential of your digital data with our advanced data science and AI solutions. Say goodbye to inefficient data processing and hello to valuable insights that drive your business forward. Join the AI era with us and experience unparalleled success. Take charge of your company’s future with AI and stay ahead of the competition.

AI & Data Organization 
AI & Company Organization

Unlock the true potential of your data with AI! Our centralized data warehouse makes it easier than ever to organize and exploit your data. No more wasted time on federated or distributed data sets. With our cutting-edge technology, you can bring your data together like gunpowder – and make a big bang! So why wait? Sign up now and experience the power of AI for yourself.


Welcome to the future of work! At our organization, we understand that traditional job descriptions are becoming obsolete in the age of AI. That’s why we’re on the cutting edge, with a team of dynamic professionals who are breaking down barriers and driving innovation.  Join us today and be a part of something extraordinary!

ArrowMiner© Impact. Severity. Efficiency.

Imagine being able to compare decisions made years ago with decisions made today, instantly and reliably. No more boredom, fatigue, or distraction interfering with your ability to make the right call. With our revolutionary approach to decision-making, you can tap into your organization’s experience and corporate memory to drive success. By applying our 3 fundamental values to every decision, you can take control of your organization’s destiny and achieve new heights of productivity and profitability.

Risk Impact Decision Severity Outcome Efficiency
Every decision involves risk, and each risk has a varying level of impact. It’s crucial to apply risk perception, weigh the risks associated with each decision, and measure the global weighted risk. The decision severity is based on the importance and attention that a case should receive. This is determined by the required resources and expected decision outcome. In decision-making, the outcome is the result and consequences of a decision. Outcome efficiency refers to the level of benefit that is gained as a result of the decision made.

ArrowCheck© Advanced Decision Documentation

Want to safeguard your organization’s corporate memory and keep track of all your important decisions? Look no further than our cutting-edge documentation software! With easy-to-use templates for each decision, you’ll be able to document your processes quickly and efficiently. Keep track of support provided, options considered, and recommendations made – all in one convenient location. Don’t let important decisions slip through the cracks – choose our documentation software today and take control of your organization’s future!


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