Risk Based Decision Support

A successful business makes good decisions, implements them well
and then learns from the experience in order to do better next time.

These abstractions are then re-usable for making new decisions with different information, facilitating the process of knowledge management and ultimately enhancing the overall quality of decision making. 

uncertainty that matters = risk

Risk-based decisions are required when the outcome is uncertain and when it matters. These are the types of decisions taken by organizations every day at all levels: strategic, investment, compliance, recruitment, legal, new customers etc.. All important decisions must be informed by a risk assessment in order to understand risks.

We like to think that we are logical and that when we are making a decision, we carefully weigh all of our alternative, apply a risk-based approach and consider our previous experience on similar cases. Even the big decisions where we think we are being logical, the research shows that are made unconsciously, involve emotionpersonal risk appreciation and experience. Most daily decisions are not made ‘logically’ and place organizations in danger!

Years of efforts in information technology helped organizations to reach an unprecedented level of excellency. Although there is still room for improvement, data management in organizations is now reliable and applications fulfill their promises.

It Is Now Time To Manage The Human Decision!
The Most Unpredictable Success Factor!

Manage your risk exposure, preserve your organization’s corporate memory, analyze and document your decisions with ArrowMiner©.

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